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We believe in living an authentic life that looks good on you. #wearemoxiemade


The world, through our lens, is extraordinary. To live it, and to live it well, takes authenticity,
a spirit of rebellion, the daring to take risks and, above all: moxie.

Moxie's not an age, how much you make or where you live.
It’s a fearless attitude, a unique voice, an attitude that links those of us that have it, together.
 We’re here for you as much as you’re here for us, because we know that living an authentic life looks damn good on you. We know that fashion is bigger than clothing, and that now more than ever before there’s substance to shopping. Your clothes are a statement about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

We curate the wild ones, the rebels, the fearless go-getters, and the curious risk-takers who hustle not because it’s the only option, but because it’s the only way. We’re attracted to the magnetic ones who know that great style isn’t about looking great- it’s living great.

This is the place that blends casual + extraordinary, low-key + statement, rebellious + trusting, high + low, luxury + every day.
We’re not just style, we’re a new mentality.
We believe in living an authentic life that looks good on you.

Meet the team

Moxie Made - Moxiemade Crew

“Lead with Valor”

Rachael Ray

The “Moxie” behind Moxie Made

Moxie Made - Moxiemade Crew

“Live With Moxie”

Cara Jammet

The Brand Warrior

Moxie Made - Moxiemade Crew

“Authenticity is Everything”

Judy Zander

Product Development Guru

Moxie Made - Moxiemade Crew

“There’s beauty in every moment”

Gretta Monahan

The Fashion Maven

Moxie Made - Moxiemade Crew

"ABB: Always Be Bold"

Rachel Eden

Captain of Multitasking

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